10 Tips To Writing A Successful Blog Post And Draw More Readers

Blogs are mainly aimed for certain kind of information, information which you want to share with your audience. Sometime you have so much information in your mind but you don't know from where to start and end. It is better to make a useful series regarding the information which will help audience as well as you to keep your data aligned and smooth.
Here are some useful tips which will help you in creating a Successful series.

1. Identify The Topic:

The first and most important thing is that you should know about what thing you are going to write. Whether it is a blog series or a book series, you should have sound knowledge and information of the topic. Your series will be only successful if you will provide enough information to your readers.

"Write what you Know" is the success key which will help you to identify the topic. Don't provide wrong information to the readers as they are only reading you because they believe you. And if you have knowledge, no matter how much horrible writer you are, your audience will be happy with you.

2. List The Information:

I am saying list information not gather information because you have knowledge of what you are talking about. Just make a simple list of key point and then elaborate each key point in a few words so that you will have better idea when you are creating a web series. 

Divide the information in the form of titles, subtitles, headings and subheading which will help you to easily manage your data. You can also use any data managing software like you can design an excel sheet or make a text document consisting of all the points and sub points to keep your series according to your required track.

3. Define Your Audience:

The most important one, you should know what your readers are expecting from you. Define the target and try to stick to it. You are doing so much hard work, trying to give your best but no one is reading your post, everything is going to waste. 

You should know what kind of audience you need e.g. if you are writing on fashion then mostly fashion related people will be following you so try to write content in context of reader thoughts and ideas. Try to get their demographic condition. 

Follow guide on How to Find Your Ideal Audience by Anne Lyken-Garner

4. Do A Little Search:

It is better to search on internet and see if someone is posting on same topic. This will not only give you an idea that how you will manage everything but there will be a competition also which will restrict you to produce quality content...

Try to search keywords and read articles on internet regarding your topic. Your knowledge will be more and you will be able to give a good series to your readers.

5. Use Social Media:

Social media is the best place to get targeted traffic even there are blogs which are completely based on social media and social media is the only way of their traffic. There are many social media sites on the Internet which will help you to earn new audience as well as spread your knowledge.

You can use social media for buzzing your series start. If your topic is good, viewers will appreciate it. Whenever you write a post, try to share it on Facebook, tweet it on twitter and pin it on pinterest. Your followers will enjoy the post as well as sharing the post will bring new audience to your series.

6. Produce Quality Content:

As said "Content is king" so it’s better for you to produce high quality content which will not only indulge your audience but also help you to get more shares and likes for your series. Audience will appreciate your content only if you are thinking about what they are thinking. So always prefer audience over search engines or robots and write to get a good reader ship.

For quality content it is important to follow all the above points. These points groom your knowledge and make your series unique.

7. Keep It To The Point:

Try to write about what you have promised. Always concentrate on the topic. Try to comprehensive in nature. Audience as well as search engines are now in favor of detailed articles so keep your article detailed and to the point.

In case of videos, try to keep them short. As most visitors on Internet tend to visit short videos instead of long videos so if you are producing any video regarding your topic so be short in the video but complete the details.

8. Write At Regular Intervals:

It is better to publish post regularly. If you will not post regularly then your audience will find some other place to get knowledge. Better write daily or write a post after two days or do a post in three days. Whichever ways you decide try to stick to it. I will recommend a post after 2 days

In 2 days post interval, readers will get a chance to get better understanding and practice your knowledge.

9. Always Write Unique:

Uniqueness is something that will make you loved one in the readers. If you are trying to copy an online series and just giving flaw knowledge to the audience then they will never trust you. Your way of writing will define your interest in the series and hence the interest taken by the readers.

10. Interlinking Posts:

Try to link your old post within new post where needed to provide understanding to the readers. If you have any video or any pic which you can link with the post then link it with your post. Try to link your series post with each other. This is appreciated by search engines.


Try to follow these tips and if you want to add something in my knowledge then you are most welcomed :)