Social Bookmarking for SEO – 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Social Bookmarking Sites?

Social Bookmarking??has not given importance by Majority of SEO Companies in their inbound campaign. There is a lot of controversy about whether Social Bookmarking Sites Help to rank or not.New marketers have ??confusion in their mind to use social Bookmarking for SEO.they think??that Social bookmarking is really helpful for their site? ??are they get the reward for their investment on Bookmarking? Today I am going to discuss the impact of Social Bookmarking??on SEO.Here the 5 Significant??benefits??that encourage??you to use Social Bookmarking for seo in your inbound campaign
Increasing Search Engine Visibility.
Search Engine favors the links submitted by different users on different sites.Users submit your site ??with their own descriptions and ??tags, Search ??refers that??description as site external meta data.
Social Bookmarking sites offers the users to save their favorite links with their own descriptions and tags. Links submitted via tags can ??often be viewed as collaboration with other’s Users submitted link for the same tags.
Social Bookmarking sites??are??not directly helpful to rank your site but however they can increase your presence in Search Engine.People in the Social Networking site are able to view your shared content, and if they find something valuable, they share it their own Circle. Most Social Bookmarking Sites allow the user to upvotes and comments on shared content.
Social Signals.
SEO is modern Scenario is not just getting the backlinks from authority sites.Search Engine loves if ??People loves yours. if your readers skip your content, they won’t find it worthy to share it with their circles, then why Google give authority and trust if your own readers won’t be able to trust to you?Social comes next backlinks in Current Google Search Engine Ranking Algorithm.Socials Signals particularly G+ play a dominant role the Backlinks.
.Socials Signals particularly G+ play a dominant role the Backlinks. In today’s SEO S G plus Votes are important than others, then comes Facebook like and shares ??Pinterest ??Pins Re-Pins comes next.
Fast Indexing .
Social Bookmarking help to index your Pages being crawled by Search Engin sooner than without Bookmars.Social Bookmarking sites are high authority sites that are frequently updated and Search Engine Crawl them frequently.When Search Engine finds your links coming from different High Authority Sites. it follow the links and index them.
Social Floods a ton ??of targeted traffic to your Site or Blog Post. For example, you Bookmark your site to several Bookmarking Sites with eye-catching Title, ??Keyword, and Meta description.Others members in??the??community can see you Bookmarks, like up vote, comment and share them to their own Social Circle or they directly visit to Bookmarked??? page if they consider it worthy to read. Gaining tons of eyeballs and targeted traffic to your site.Traffic coming from Social Bookmarking Site is highly targeted .its not a junk or spam traffic.
??Do Follow Backlinks.
‘DO Follow’ and ‘No Follow’ are non-standard HTML attributes defined for Search Engine. Do Follow attributes instruct the Search Engine to follow the link by passing link Juice and ??authority. A ??‘No Follow’ is just a link that does not pass the link juice to a site. A Fraction of Social Bookmarking Site have high ??Page Rank, ??authority and Trust and ??they Pass link juice to your site with no Follow Attributes. Social Bookmarking is an easy and Strategy to get Backlinks from authority sites like Google Plus (PR 9.) Reddit (PR 8), Stumble Upon (PR 8), Technorati (PR 8) .pass Link Juice to you site.
Page Authority
Social Signals and ??Bookmarks helps to increase page authority, Social Signals and Number of Inbound links from high authority sites is in??important factor in measuring Domain authority and Page Ranks.The more ??inbound links you from Authority Sites, the domain authority you will have.
??How to Leverage your Social Bookmarking Campaign
Create a Powerful Profile.Add your Profile Picture, complete your bio and add something interesting about your Business in your BiographyDont forget to add your site.
Submit useful contents of other’s that is not your own but you shared them for the benefits of you must look like a natural human not the spammer or marketer ,always be beneficial for others, shares??the worthy content .so others may always grateful to you ??and follow you.
Follow other people in your Business.Add them in your Circle.Share their submission to your audience.
Leave a decent review about other’s submissions in your Niche.Add a meaningful comment their’s submission.A powerful early bird comment will get a lot of upvotes leaving the as popular as submitted story.Leaving awesome comments on others story leads you being noticeable by others community members following by faithful ‘followers to you.
Following back others people, leaving the??comment, sharing useful content and other’s people content, strategy works well on Twitter, StumblUpon.Reddit ??and Delicious, you must at least follow this strategy on these 4 sites and you will end up with bunch??of organic traffic and followers.