Directory Submission for SEO-why Should you Directory Submission in inbound campaign

Directory Submission for SEO ??has been a viable inbound SEO tactics since from begging of online marketing to now a ??days.High Authority Directories like Dmoz?? (PR 7)and Yahoo listing??(PR) 7??pass a link Juice. imagine how much authority your will receive being added in Dmoz and Yahoo listing?Despite backlinks, Directory listing in appropriate category also send a decent amount of targeted traffic traffic, particularly in in niche specific directories. Submit your Site to Top 400 SEO Friendly Web Directories.
What are Web Directories ?
The idea of Web directories came into existence before search Engine came into existence.Web directories store and organize the business listing in a relevant categories.Web Directories store the web listing in a most relevant category with with proper information.??People were used them to find a related sites ??on a specific topics.
when Search Engine Came into existence, they also used to ??get the information of websites listed in local or Business this way i search engine index sites and fast come determine the relevancy of a site.
if a site does not receive enough inbound link from colleague site,and has listed in proper category in ??SEO directory , then search engine gets site meta data in From WEb Directory.For example if your site is low in content,a picture based or video based, Search Engine will then on the info from directory listing.
Directory Submission in SEO has two types.
1 Business /Niche or local Directories ( relate to specific topic in a specific geographic area)
2 Generic Directories. ( mostly used for getting high authority backlink, also submitted in a most relevant category)
Directory Submission for SEO gains much more weight when it comes Business and ??local seo. There are hundreds of generic web Directories for gaining back inks and other are specific .To appear your Business in local search results, your site must be listed in a city and Niche related category.e.g Dentists in California, Google will favors the results if your Business (Dentists) listed in California.
Authority web directories set a certain criteria for site to be added in their listing. Web Directories have editorial board that examine and scan each web site ??before adding.if a site does not meet their criteria ,site may??be rejected.Authority Web Directories add a small fee for listing .Off course they need to pay their editorial staff.Web .Authority Web Directories takes too much time for Sites Review, 4 to 6 weeks or even longer than this.Some directories offer reciprocal link for fast review. For Reciprocal,your will be added or reviewed only if you placed their link on your homepage or in your site’s theme.however i wont recommend to go for reciprocal may seen as unethical way of gaining link by Google and may damage your site.
Before Submitting your site into ??SEO Web Directory,take following metrics to consider.
Directory ??Age
Directory Page Rank.
Page’Rank of the Directory’s Page where you are going to submit your Page.
Alexa Traffic Rank. However Alexa Rank be increased via smart tactic. you can also go for Compete or quantcast for traffic measurement.
Duration of approval.
Number of inbound links to page.
Domain Authority and Page Authority of a Directory page where you are going to submit your listing.
Site approval Process-whether it goes human editorial review or software based automatic approval.Human territorial takes long time to accept.
I have seen many guys seeking for instant approval sites. Never go a single directory for instant approval, instant approval sites may cause plenty to your Sites. Always rely on trustworthy, manual review based Directories in your in Bound link campaign.
To Submit your site into the Directory , you need the following things.
1 Site Title
Some directories wont allow you to add a keyword in Title , and allow only Brand Title.They also allow you to anchor in Keyword.i recommended ??never go for keyword’s anchor ,rather use a Brand’s anchor.
authority directory with manual human editorial board.
Is Directory Submission is Still Useful after Recent Penguin Updates?

After Post Penguin, Google hit and even de index several ??web directories due to their spammed nature.Google also hit the sites relying completely on spammed web directories.
However Directory submission remain there in your inbound link building Campaign. Getting listed in Business and local directories

you wont ignore Directory Submission in inbound campaign
Directory Submission must be fraction of your inbound Campaign .Never ??totally rely on Directory Submission.
Your Business must be in local or Niche specific Listing to appear in local search results.
Never Use keyword’s anchor,rather use a Brand’s anchor.e.g my site, the brand Anchor is BloggerTipsTricks
Always go for High Authority SEO Friendly Web Directories
Never use ??Directory Submission Software. Always do manual work .