10 Great Social and Web Analytics Tools

You have invested a lot to built a website for business. Now you are waiting for a customer to come to your Site to buy something. Customers comes to your site, they may buy something or leave the site instantly. Do you know where customers are coming to your site ? do you know their traffic sources? do know which page they like the most?and what they do after landing on your site. I any business, tracking, measuring ??and ??Customers statistical data play a vital role in leverage your success, conversions, and sales. To measure insight activitites on your site, you need Web Analytics Platform

Web Analytics gives the actual insight analytical data of your Site. When you have analytical data of your business at your hand you can set the business Goals, the ratio of Conversion or Clicks on a Goal. Web Analytics Tools come in the variety of form on the basis of tracking (real time or outdated analytics data). The most popular is Google Analytics which is enough for small niche Blog, but for E-commerce,, Business or authority sites you need more insight data of your site. There some free Web Analytics tools that provide more in depth detail of insight site activities than Google Analytics.
Here I am going to introduce a top 10 best Web Analytics tools.
1)Google Analytics

2) KISSmetrics

Kissmetrics collects all real website data.Kissmetrics track the people, not the page views. Google tracks what’s going on your site and isometrics tracks who is doing what is going on your site.Kissmetrics tracks the individual users movement through the site. Kissmetrics presents the user activity in easy to understand “Timeline” Format.Kissmetrics is highly recommended for affiliate and E-commerce site.Helps you to better target your customer, optimize your website conversion process.
Kissmetrics offer a 30-day free trial after, that Basic plans start with 149 $ Per month depending on the number of events to be tracked.
3) Crazy??Egg

Crazy Egg is ??real time Web analytical tool owned by Neil Patel. Crazy Egg offers visual tools to see how visitors are engaging with your site.
Measure the clicks and scrolls on your website using the heat map technology.Provide in-depth information on how??user??are interacting with your site.
Crazy Egg has some of the great features that helps to optimize your site for better customer engagement and audience.
Visuals tools that crazy Egg offer are Heatmap, Scroll map, and overlay.
A picture??of??where People gets clicked on your site. Which Elements on your site driving more clicks, where they clicked on your site. This gives you the an idea of what is hot and what is cold on your site.by analyzing the data from the heat map, you can make changes on your site and optimize for better conversions, increase Click thru rate and increase user engagement
Overlay Report gives you the report on the number of clicks on your Sites.
Scroll map:
Scroll map gives you the analytics of how many times a page have been scrolled dwn.
With Confetti map, you get insight analytics??of clicks by Referral sources, search??engine and other sources.

4) ??Clicky

Clicky is another real time Web Analytical plateform. You will get all ??analytics data in real time.Through Clicky is not a free. Clicky offers you a free account for one site ??and Pro for unlimited sites.Clicky lets ??you the real time analytics ??of what visitors ??are doing on your website.Clicky also have a mobile version that lets you monitor the stats of your site anywhere.
5) Woopra

Woopra is another real time Web analytical tool. Woopra is a desktop analytical tool , lets the business owners to track the real time activity on their sites. Woopra tracks a real time events on your site.Live tracking includes what visitors are doing on your site, where they come and what ??pages they have most engangent. Woopra generates the individual user profile and track all their activity in real time.Woopra is great nalytical tool for E-Commerce to track ??the ciustomers??for better conversion.Woopra also a free version with limited features.Woopra lets Webmasters to live chat with visitors.

6) Mint

Mint is self-hosted Analytics that comes with its great Price.Mint Charges upfront fee of 30 $ per site for the year.. Mint definitely beat other paid analytics in term of price that costs monthly recurring fee.
With Mint you can where visitors are coming and what they are viewing on your site.Mint offers a stunning Bars, Charts and Graphs to visualize the site data. Mint ??break the analytical data bases on search terms/keywords, traffic sources, site activity from the past day, week, month and year.
?? ?? ?? ??7) ??Chart Beat
Chart Beat
Chartbeat comes with a monthly fee of 9.95 per motn.with the chart beat you can track the visitors where they are coming and what they are doing on your site.you can make adjustment for better user experience and improve conversion
8) Mouse Flow
Mouse flow gives you record the website visitors and lest you to see the recording of what visitors has done on your site. Where the visitors, where they clicked, scrolled and a single key stroke you also get the heat map to spot the trends and measure the effectiveness of changes you make on site..Nose flow records what users are doing n your site.you can see how users are interacting with your site including Clicks and Scrolls. Mouse flow packages start at 13 $ per month and varies with a number of sites and session you want to cover.More flow is free for on site and up to 100 sessions.
9) Open Web Analytics.
Open Web Analytics is open source web analytics that is used to track and analyze how ??people with your site. you can get the real analutics of customer behavoiur on your dite. Open Web Analytics and Piwik are the best option for small business owners who looking for something really good, easy to use and free.Open Web Analytics provide an easy way for business owners and webmasters to install the analytics ??using simple??PHP,or Java scripit AP’is.
OPA has built in support for Wordpess.

10) Piwik
Piwik is another Open source free Web Analytics. Piwik is similar to Google Analytics providing all the information as does Google Analytics. Piwik is much more than Google Analytics.Piwik provides you in depth information about users on your site. How much they spend on your site, where they come, which pages the user stay mort, Which marketing campaign proved successful.Pwiki is trusted?? by millions of users.
Conclusion serious Business man their customer data unnoticed.
It is the key to success for every business to track their customer and visitors.if you are running a website for business, you must keep track of your sites’ traffic sources, customer behaviour on your site and metrics.kep the track of your customers, analyze the data obtained from analytics and keep changes on your site bases on Analytical data, keep tweaking and improving your site for better conversions. leads and optimization.
so what ??Analytical tool you have tested so for? and whats your favorite??analytical.
it would you at least test and try open source analytics.