Using Social Media Sites To Grow Your Blog’s Traffic

Social media is a great influence now days, especially many people are spending most of their time on internet using social networking sites. So why don't you use social media site to get traffic for your blog. The term seo is changing since 2010. Search engines are ranking those sites which have good social presence. Google has made everything clear. If you are having a good social media presence, you are seen more on search engines.

Why Social Media Traffic Is Important?

Google panda updates are mainly the proof that Google is trying to add this factors to its search preferences. Especially a few Google panda updates directly relates your author ship to search engine ranking. Google is trying to check your authority and interaction with the users. It is easy for Google to check it via social media. That's why Google is adding social factor to its search preferences.

Improve Your Social Media Presence:

Social media is going to play an important role in the upcoming time. Question arises here is that how can you improve your social media presence and get traffic to your blog using social sites. It’s easy if you are providing the right thing, if you know what your visitors want from you. Try to follow these three points to rank good in search engines eyes.

Be Active:

Always try to share things as social media sites are the biggest source of traffic now a days. Share every new post, service or giveaway with your friends and in the related communities.

Write Something About It:

This is most important. Tell your users about your post or service. Write a simple note or add an image which explains the basic idea of your post.

Share It:

I will say Share it as much as you can. If you want to promote your blog or services on internet, social sites are the best place. If people like your post, they will definitely share it. The more shares and likes, the better you are.

Top Social Media Sites To Get Traffic:

Sharing is caring. I am listing here 6 most important and useful sites from where you can get traffic free of cost.

1. Facebook:

No doubt that about 90% of you when land on internet, log in to your Facebook account. That’s why it is at first place. About 90% of internet users have Facebook account where they can share their thoughts, ideas and can interact with their friends and relatives.

Try to share your posts on internet publically with your friends and ask them about your post. Get more shares and likes by making an attracting page which can help you create your reader ship. Sharing will not only bring readership but it will also get some traffic for your website from these high ranking social sites.

2. Twitter:

You know celebrities prefer twitter over any social network on internet just because a 140 words tweet can greatly influence the minds as compared to any social networking site. You can build a good follow ship using twitter. Just tweet your new post with a little idea and a link to your post and see what twitter can do for you.

3. YouTube:

Although YouTube is not a social site but due to its changing scope, it is highly shifted to social trends. You can make videos to express your ideas, interact with people. You can solve other problems by simply sharing a video on YouTube.
YouTube can be a great source for the promotion of your blog or business. Let the people subscribe your channel and then see the magic.

4. Pinterest:

Being new in social sites run, Pinterest has made his name with its beautiful pin style posting method. People are strongly moving to this beautiful magazine like platform. 
Just make sure you pin your posts using pinterest as it is easy to pin and share your posts using pinterest. Just pin an amazing image related to your post or business and share it. The more pins you have, the more traffic you are going to get.

5. LinkedIn:

It is important to have your business profile on internet so that if anybody wants to interact with you for your services than he can find you easily. LinkedIn allows you to make your professional
Profile where you can share your specialties and people can get benefit from it.
If you have a complete LinkedIn profile then you can contact people of the same interests.