How to Use Your Android Device as a Mouse, Keyboard, Joystick and More

Ever thought it would be cool to use your android phone as a mouse or keypad for your computer ? Even if it aint cool , it will be quiet useful if we can use our android phone as a mouse or keypad for our computer .or even as a joystick .
Its no doubt that it will be handy if you are in a situation and your mouse or keyboard is not working .

So here are two apps which will help you to use your android phone as a mouse or keyboard with your computer.
While using these apps , you have to install the app in your android phone and its server client in your computer . You can download both from their websites and the android app from google play store.
So here are those three apps.

1. Andromouse 3.0

AndroMouse 3.0 lets you to convert your Android phone into wireless mouse, keyboard, media remote, file browser and much more.we can connect our phone with the computer wirelessly either through WiFi or bluetooth.It features all most all functionalities of a mouse such as right click, double click, drag ,etc. also we can use the phones keypad as a wireless keypad to type in our computer .
You can download it from the companies official website : Andromouse .
Make sure that you download both the android app and the client application for pc.

2. Monect

Monect is similar to Andromouse . But it offers a lot of other cool additional features too . You can access the disk storage from the phone and can even use your phone as a joystick for playing games

You can download monect and see the instructions to use it from their official website : Monect
These are the two apps which are used by millions to use their android phone as wireless mouse or keyboard to their computer .
Android operating system is an ever expanding os with vast range of possibilities. Stay connected with us for more tips and usefull apps about android .