Top 20+ Most Popular Image Sharing Sites list 2017

Since the introduction of the digital camera and the smartphone, photo sharing has become a daily occurrence for the majority of internet users. Most of us have tons of photos stored everywhere from phones, USB drives, hard drives and SD cards. With so many photos on so many devices, it may be beneficial to sign up to a photo sharing website.

Uploading your pictures to a photo sharing site is a simple way to categorise and collate your photos all in one place. You can organise large photo collections, contribute to shared albums, vote, comment and share your photos with family and friends. Below are the Top 20: Best Photo Sharing Websites of 2015.

Top 20: Best Photo Sharing Websites – 2015

1. Instagram

Instagram Logo - Best Photo Sharing Site
Well known and used by many, Instagram is a fast, secure and simple way to share photos and videos with family and friends online. Instagram was founded by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom in October, 2010 and was later acquired by facebook in October 2012 for $1 billion!
Like Facebook, Instagram has “follow” functionality, a digital filter and hashtags, making finding images on Instagram a doddle. Although a desktop web application is available, Instagram was specifically created for mobile devices and the app supports IOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones. 300 million users visit Instagram on a monthly basis.

2. Imgur

Imgur Logo
Imgur gets millions of visitors every single day from users wanting to explore, share and discuss the best visual stories (photos/images) on the web. Every month more than 60 million images are viewed on Imgur and the site is ranked one of the top 50 largest websites in the world.
Imgur is free to sign up and users can upload unlimited images, convert videos to gif and even create meme’s on photo upload. The website has an app, and is available for IOS and Android.

3. Flickr

Flickr Logo
Flickr is an extremely popular photo sharing website with an approximate 100 million users visiting the website on a monthly basis. Out of all the best photo sharing sites listed, Flickr is by far the most community orientated with some users comparing it to the Facebook of photo sharing sites.
Flickr makes it easy to access, organise and share your photos from anywhere. Not only are the sites community features fantastic, it also boasts a broad range of other features such as social feeds, photo editing on capture and 1000GB of free storage!

4. Pinterest

Pinterest Logo
Similar to Instagram, Pinterest doubles up as a social network and a photo sharing site. Users can upload, save, manage, share and “pin” other users photos and images to their own Pinterest board. “Pins” are Pinterest’s version of a social bookmark, “pinning” photos is a great way of saving ideas, images and important pages using a visual representation.
The website is really easy to use and there is no limit to the amount of images you can upload. You can sign up to Pinterest using Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The app is available for IOS and Android and users can create personal as well as business pages to promote their images on the site.

5. 500 Pixels

500px Logo
500 Pixels is a beautifully designed site that is aimed at the more serious photographer. Large images placed above the fold provides a clean and elegant way of displaying your best photos. Uploaded photos can be organised in to sets, themes and you can even associate photos with an event that presents your images as stories.
It is free to sign up for an account with 500 Pixels but you will only be able to upload 20 photos a week. If you want unlimited uploads it will cost $25 for a Pro Subscription. You can also sell prints of your photos for those of you looking to make money online from photo sharing.

6. Photo Bucket

Photobucket Logo
Photo Bucket is perfect for users who just want to share photos with family and friends. There is a restricted upload size in place, no good if you are a professional photographer or use an SLR camera. Even the Pro Account only allows 2MB uploads.
If you are looking for a lightweight app that allows for fast sharing, easy printing and easy integrations with platforms such as Facebook and MySpace then, Photo Bucket is definitely worth a try.

7. Shutterfly

Shutterfly Logo
If free unlimited photo storage and sharing is what you want, then Shutterfly may be for you. Dissimilar to ad monetized models, Shutterfly is supported by its extensive printing options they offer for photos, books, cards, prints, stationary and posters.
Shutterfly is available for iPad, iPhone and Android.

8. WeHeartIt

Weheartit Logo
WeHeartIt is a social photo sharing app that lets users “heart” and favourite images from other users. Similar to Pinterest, the site offers an easy way of finding images: Search with keyword tags, view by most loved and photo recommendations from users you follow. The site is focused on inspiring people through the medium of photo. Share your mood with friends, create galleries and even send photo postcards to your followers and connections.

9. Image Shack

Imageshack Logo
ImageShack is an image hosting service that has significantly grown in size since it was established in 2003.
The site has lots of cool features including unlimited space, direct linking, image stats, watermarking, and automatic backups. Users can upload .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, image file formats and .bmp and .tif images are automatically converted to .png file format on upload.
ImageShack was an ad support free service up until January last year. Now, it is subscription based, but with monthly fees as low as $3.99 ImageShack is definitely worth a mention. Thankfully they offer a free trial to let you see what the service is all about.

10. Canon Irista

Irista Logo
Irista is an online photo sharing site from Canon, one of the leaders in SLR Camera manufacture. Thankfully, the site does not require a Canon device to use it. There is a lot of functionality available including desktop uploading software for PC and Mac, easy sharing facilities using popular social networks and an easy to use system with powerful tagging capabilities and album creation features.
It is free to sign up and all users get 10GB of space. for users who require more you can upgrade your account at €50 per year. Currently mobile apps are unavailable.

11. Image Bam

Imagebam Logo
Image Bam is an easy to use service that helps to get your photos online quickly and without registration. You can upload as many images as you want but there is a 3MB upload restriction and images can only be in .jpg, .gif or .png format.
Create html links to your photos, direct links and a handy BBCode that lets you add your image to forum posts. If you register for the site there are some free goodies including various image management tools and a bulk uploading tool.

12. Image Venue

Imagevenue Logo
Founded in 2004, ImageVenue is a free photo sharing solution that allows users to share digital pictures with friends. No registration is required, users get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage hosting is provided. ImageVenue also lets you hotlink images from your personal website or ebay auctions.

13. SmugMug

Smugmug Logo
If you are serious about your photo sharing it is definitely worth visiting SmugMug. Although the service is more expensive than its competitors, the features and functionality of the site make up for it ten-fold.
SmugMug users can develop beautiful photo based websites, show photos in their original resolution, without ads and with unlimited storage. They also have a good online community of other photo sharing enthusiasts.
Being a high-end service, you will need to pay for SmugMug. You can pick up a subscription for as little as $3.34 per month and they have a free trial if you are interested in testing out the service.

14. Snap Fish

Snapfish Logo
Snapfish is a photo sharing and photo printing service that is owned by HP. They offer free unlimited photo storage and make their revenue from users ordering prints. They offer thousands of different printing options including wall art, cards, photo books and gifts.

15. Picasa

Picasa Logo
Picasa is a service from Google that offers a flexible and simple way to host and share your photos. As a Google based product you would expect no less then integration with Gmail, Google Maps and other Google applications. All users get 15GB free storage, anything over that costs as little as $1.99 per month.

16. Zenfolio

Zenfolio Logo
Zenfolio is another premium service ideal for professional photographers. Zenfolio has a great selection of features including a fully-featured portfolio website and blog, photo galleries, SEO and marketing tools, slideshows with music, sharing and other advanced features.
Zenfolio costs £30 per year but have a 14 day trial with no credit card required.

17. Facebook

Facebook Logo
Although primarily a social network. Facebook offers a great set of photo sharing and management tools. You can upload photos from a desktop client, web browser or mobile phone really easily. Create albums, add captions, tag photos, locations and people. Unfortunately, there is no way to show the original resolution of the photo, not a problem if you are sharing photos with Aunt Mabel, but not great if you are a professional photographer.

18. deviantART

deviantArt Logo
deviantART is a another site that is community based and geared towards sharing images. Although the website is primarily focused at artists, it is still one of the most popular photo sharing sites on the web. And It has a very active community with tons of chat rooms and forums. Users can even order prints of their work / photos on t-shirts, bags, hats and other apparel.

19. Apple iCloud

iCloud Logo
Apple’s iCloud syncs with Mac and IOS devices to store various media that can be viewed in iPhoto or as a web page online. iCloud offers 5GB of free space but if you need more upgrades start at $20 per year. You can create collections and other users / friends can add photos to your galleries if they were at the same event for instance. iPhoto has a variety of useful functions like photo books, calendars and photo cards, and on the face of it is pretty good. Only problem is, you need an Apple device to use it.

20. Microsoft OneDrive

oneDrive Logo
Microsoft OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) offers 30 GB of free storage for your photos, as long as you upload from the mobile app. Users can upload jpg, .gif and .png images. There is also a clever little feature that uses machine vision to auto tag your photos in to OneDrive categories. Other than that, the functionality is fairly basic. OneDrive does what it has to do.
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