Google is Getting Serious on Non Mobile Friendly Domains

Google is getting serious on search result. Google always works for relevance and to give relevant result for this users around the world Google has introduced many algorithms like Penguin, Panda, Humming Bird, and Pigeon (For Now Pigeon algorithm only for US users) so that the users can be satisfied with search result. And that's the reason till now Google is considered to the king of search engines..

Penalty for Non Mobile Friendly Domains 

Google has got serious on search result for Mobile. Google always puts this users first and Google has brought many changes in 
search result. Now Google is setting this focus on mobile users. So Google gonna introduces algorithm for Non Mobile Friendly Domain. Take this seriously and make your domain user Mobile Friendly.

Why should you take this Algorithm Seriously 

Well, most of the Google users uses smartphone's to search their query's and most of the people in the world owns Android Smartphone (Android phone Available from 100$), if your domain isn't users Mobile friendly your domain has a many chance to get hit by the new algorithm. And every visitor from search query will be decreased. 

It doesn't matter how hard you do your SEO for your domain, if your domain is not users Mobile friendly your domain will not be resulted in Google First page. Well that's a great loss isn't it...

Loss in Revenue.. Well Think about this again..

Most of the desktop users have Ad-blockers on their browsers and the only way to see some few dollars are from mobile users RIGHT.. If this algorithm hits you will gonna have a hard time on blogging.  But the good news is you still have time to make your domain a Mobile Users Friendly. This algorithm will be live from April 21th 2015. You still have plenty of time to make your domain fit for mobile Users.

Check out my domain on mobile view. Well, not a very good sign for me. Google may have been marked my sites as a Non Mobile Friendly Domain. My site template is not comfortable for mobile users. 

As I have hosted my domain on Blogger so its just a click to make my domain a Mobile Friendly Domain for Google.

Follow This Steps To Make Your Domain a User Mobile Friendly Domain:

1) Login To Blogger and go to Template 

2) You will see the Mobile Custom Area and click the gear option 

3) And Select the option Yes. Show Mobile Template on Mobile Device and choose Custom. You will get the same template as the desktop version which will be comfortable for Mobile 

After choosing Custom Option on Mobile. Now my domain is  user friendly for mobile users. Check the screenshot below and check my screenshot above too, and see the differences.

Tips To Make Mobile Friendly Domain.

1) Avoid Flash which are not compatible with mobile devices 

2) Make sure that your domains fit the size of the mobile screen

3) Make sure that the users don't have to scroll horizontally 

4) Use font and size to be vision for the users. So that users can avoid zoom in and zoom out.

Final Words.

Google is serious about this algorithm and take sure that Google doesn't mark your domain as Non Mobile Friendly Domain. Don't lose even a single loyal visitors from Google and  making your domain a Mobile Friendly you can satisfy your mobile users and by that they will become a regular visitors for you.