11 Essential WordPress Plugins You Should Know (and Install If You Haven't Already)

Plugins are ofcourse one of the most important feature of wordpress . They helps us to customize the wordpress very easily, an saves us tonnes of coding. But using a lot of unwanted plugins will slow up your website. so its important to keep only THE MUST HAVE WORDPRESS PLUGINS in your site. But it is a bit difficult to choose from the thousands of plugins available. So we have done the job for you . Lazy fellas. We have shortlisted the latest Must have plugins for wordpress. Heres the list of the must have wordpress plugins.


1. WordPress SEO by yoast

WordPress SEO is not just an SEO plugin, it is the complete website optimization package for every wordpress sites. Apart from adding titles and descriptions to your articles, the yoast plugin also allows you to add open graph meta data, do page analysis, publish xml sitemap, and so much more. Voila . Just one wordpress plugin to cure  every head ache made by SEO things for your wordpress website.

2.W3 Total cache

Your websites speed is an important factor in ranking of websites. After recent updates , Google have announced that the page load speed will be a considerable factor in page ranking just like keywords. This plugin is an all in all solution for all speed related problems of your wordpress website.W3 Total Cache helps you optimize your WordPress site for speed and performance. It allows you to easily setup page and browser caching, compress pages for quicker downloads, and setup a content delivery network for your static files.The most important thing is that this plugin enables gzip compression, which reduces the page size of every wordpress website considerably, which results in faster page loading . So lets look at the no 3 of our must have wordpress plugins list.

Check out our tips to increase the speed of wordpress website


Spam comments are one of the most irritating problem for every wordpress admins.Even before my website began to have any genuine visitors, it was found by spammers. :p And everyday i had to delete 10-20 spam comments from my blog. I did a search on google , and found out this plugin.  Akismet is a great plugin that helps to avoid spamming in your website. i think that every wordpress bloggers must have this plugin in their blog, because for wordpress blogs, less spam comments means lesser database size, which results in faster page loading .MUST HAVE WORDPRESS PLUGIN no:4

4.WP DB manager

Ever thought that every extra post revisions you make are piling up your wordpress database?? ,If not its time for you to know that . Every post revisions, spam comments you traash etc are increasing the size of your wordpress websites database. Since there were many plugins in this category, i searched a lot and asked some blogger friends about which plugin to use. And most of them reccomended this plugin.So this plugin helps to optimize your wordpress database and make your website clean and slick in just one click, which makes it obviously eligible to enter in to this list of must have wordpress plugins.
No:5 and No:6 are two MUST HAVE WORDPRESS PLUGIN for every wordpress websites. so if any beginners are reading this, please note it .

5.WP Smush It

The size of images we upload is a main concern when it comes to page speed and optimiztion. so its always important to optimize the images we upload. WP smush it is a one click solution. just install it , and enable smush it at time of upload, and the rest will be done by the plugin.
But sadly , the publishers of these wonderful plugin deiscontinued the plugin , and it is nolonger working. we would let you know as soon as we find a worthfull replacement plugin for WP-Smush.it.

6.Regenerate Thumbnails

This is not an everyday plugin. But this plugin will come in handy whenever you change your themes.When we switch themes none of our images will be at the correct size, thus not matching the new theme ,and thus making the wordpress website or blog full of different sized unmatched images , and resizing each and every image one by one will be time consuming. The solution is to use the regenerate thumbnails plugin. With a click of your mouse this plugin will go through all of your thumbnails and regenerate them instantly.This is one of the most important plugins that will help you when you need it the most.
No:7 to No:9 of MUST HAVE WORDPRESS PLUGIN list are the plugins that will come handy for you in many occasions, But isnt essential for everyday running of your website. So i would recommend every bloggers to  keep it with you.

7.Optin Monster

Subscribers are most important to every blogs, since it generates steady flow of visitors, rather than the random ones.And there are many plugins which will help you to setup a subscriber box.
But optin monster plugin seems to do some sort of magic when it comes to luring the visitors to sign up . This wordpress plugin has a very attractive pop up and form structure which will attract visitors and compell them to sign up for your newsletter.This plugin allows you to create beautiful optin forms and popups for your WordPress website and convert your users into subscribers. It comes packed with features like page-level targetting, analytics, split testing, and exit intent technology which allows you to display optin form when a user is about to leave your site,rather than when he enters it.

8.Floating social bar

Most wordpress social button plugins either slow downs the site, or are too much shiny :p . This plugin will help you to create a floating bar which include only the social medias which does matter to you.This is one of the best social plugin for wordpressAnd we would recommend you to keep only the most essential buttons, like facebook, google+ ,pinterest, etc.


The wordpress editor does not come with an option to create tables. This plugin will help to insert tables wherever necessary.

10.Facebook Open Graph, Google+ and Twitter Card Tag

This plugin inserts Facebook Open Graph Tags into your WordPress Blog/Website for more effective and efficient Facebook sharing results.It also allows you to add the Meta Description tag and Schema.org Name, Description and Image tags for more effective and efficient Google+ sharing results and also to add the Twitter Card tags for more effective and efficient Twitter sharing results.It also allows the user to select a default image to the posts while sharing in facebook, google plus etc.
11. Wp Shortcode
This is the last one in our MUST HAVE WORDPRESS PLUGIN list. It helps to include shortcodes in the pages easily, which will helps to push readers to related contents in the website.

So thats it. Test it out and find yourself how usefull each of these plugins are.