A Guide To Improving Your Alexa Rank Fast And Easy Tips

How Can I improve Alexa Ranking

Do you want to know How to get  Alexa rank for my website below 1 million in just 1 month? But Firstly, do you know what is the Alexa traffic rank based on? Alexa is an amazon based company. Which concerned with web traffic data globally and locally based on different factors. Alexa tracks user behavior to a toolbar people installs on their browser. It then knows how many people visited your site, how much time they spent on it, and can rank you accordingly, compared to the other sites.

    How to get Alexa rank below 1 million in just 1 month?
    My Method to lower Alexa ranking


    The first thing that matters is Write Useful and Qualitative Content on your blog. Always try to post relevant topic that I feel people would enjoy reading about [Related to your niche] which the visitors like to read. Use proper Images, Heading tags & Sub-headings, Bullets Numbers lists etc. To make it more reliable for readers.
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    Search engine optimization is the backbone of any blog. You must do proper on page optimization of your blog i.e. Add long tail keywords, add meta description to your blog posts, Add keywords in ALT tags, image caption to your blog post images etc. Share post in all social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc. Submit article directories. This will help you in driving more and more organic traffic i.e Traffic directly from search engines.
    Search engine optimization is the backbone


    Alexa ranking of websites totally depends on the basis of the traffic and resources of traffic. So, Try to drive a lot of traffic you can to your blog by any means. And you will see a good amount of increase in your Alexa ranking.


    Alexa Consider backlink as a + point to increase ranking. Try to build  backlinks as much as by Commenting on Do follow blogs in the same niche, Guest Blogging on Blogs which have high PR and Alexa rank, DA etc. And I’m sure that your Alexa rank will increase.
    Alexa Consider backlink as a + point

    These are my methods to lower Alexa rank below 1 million in just 1 month! If you find the article informative share it with your friends and if you have any Query please feel free to comment below!!!!