5 Creative Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

Traffic is an important factor for every blog and website on internet either it is a fashion site, technology blog, freeware’s or something else. Everybody wants traffic for his blog even it is the most searched topic on internet. Traffic of a website states many things. Does Google like it or not? How much your blog is popular on internet? Everything is dependent on traffic.

Get Free Traffic For Blog:

Getting traffic is difficult for new blogger so those who are in search of ways to get traffic  for their blogs, i am going to give you a few tips to borrow free traffic for your blog from  popular blogs.It is difficult to get this kind of traffic but it is better to get traffic as well as back links from high repo blogs on internet.

1. Guest Posting:

The most used and best way to get an extra traffic from other blogs is doing guest posting. It is the first option which comes into mind when talking about free traffic. You should inspect these points while writing a guest post for any blog.

  • Niche: Blog for which you are writing post should have the same niche as yours. Same niche will bring good readership for your blog.
  • High page rank: Always follow blog with high PR to get extra point for traffic from Google.
  • Allow back links: Choose a blog which allows a do follow back link to your site.
  • Alexa rank: Sites with good Alexa rank are preferred due to seo factor.
  • Social media influence: Blogs having good social media influence should be preferred for more likes and shares.

2. Respond To The Comments:

Blogger with high reader ship have thousands of comments per post so you can also post comment with a hyperlink directing toward your blog. It will not only make the blog owner happy but also makes people aware about your blog. Commenting can also help you to get extra links directed toward your blog which will make your reputation good in search engines eyes.

  • Try to find luv comments enabled blogs or blogs which allow do follow back links. Follow these practices in order to get traffic for your blog.
  • Read a post and make a comment in the comment section. This will make you familiar with the bloggers in your field which is a good thing for you.
  • Try to answer the questions asked by other people on blogs. If you have enough knowledge to answer the question then answer it. This will create your link with the reader ship.
  • Comments on other blogs and Get answer from the blogger. This will create your link with both blogger and readers.

Although it is a tiresome work but doing effort will bring fruit for you one day.

3. Do List Post:

I have posted a few tips on making a successful web series. So, what is the technique? It is simple. Try to notice popular things on blogs where you are commenting. Then make a complete series on that thing. Only thing which you have to do is to deliver.

Blog series is loved by the reader as it contains lot of information. Simply make a series and make comments on some of the popular blogs related to your niche for promoting your series and to get extra traffic.

4. Make “The Best Of ..." Posts:

It is usual practice on internet that you will see posts with titles starting “Top ten ways..., Best tips for....". People make lists on internet about people who they like or they follow. The benefit of writing this kind of post is to get extra share credit on social media.

These posts usually influence people more on social media, so increases your social media influence and more shares for your post. Many people will share your post making it their favorite and in turn, you will get traffic. The best and longer list will bring high traffic indirectly.

5: Make A Popular Blog:

Making a popular blog is really an effort but why not make such a blog that Bloggers will love to strive attention. If you have a successful blog then people will share your thoughts on internet, social media and blogs. It’s difficult but it’s possible.

Try to post what people want and then see, you will get popularity in no time.