How To Use Forums to Drive Unlimited Traffic to Your Site

Forums are targeted source of traffic. You can derive unlimited Targeted to your site, no matter what your niche is. The beauty of forum traffic is that you will get highly targeted to your site but also build targeted subscriber list by sending them to your squeeze pages. Some forums not allow to directly adding affiliate link in your signature link. For this you can set squeeze page , offer them free report or e-book to download and capture their E-mails .once you get an e-mail , you can send them affiliate offers and generate unlimited profit.
What are Forums?
Forum also called Discussion board or Bulletin forum is the community of people with a common interest. Forums allow the people to share the ideas, get new method and strategies, networking with people in your industry. You can ask the question in the forum, seek help to solve your issue and people come up with their expert suggestion. Forums are industry specific. You can find the forms related to your topic and register yourself as a user. You can post answer and question to the thread. Marketers use the forums to derive the traffic to sites or sales funnel.
How to Find the Niche Related Forums?
You can find the forums by using simple Google search Strings. You just simply have to place a forum before niche to get search results contain only forums. Forum: your Niche
Forum: internet Marketing
Forum: Weight loss
Forum: Breast Enhancement
Forum: Dog training

You can also use Forum Search Engine to find the forums that are relevant to your Niche.
The search bring up with a lot of forms. Before joining the forum, sort the out best forum that only derive traffic to your site and add a value to your signature link. Some froms not allow the signature links.before joining the forum ,jump into the forum and and see user activity there.Make sure that forum has active communilty of common inerest , moreover it allow you to add a signature link too.

Some forums also require a minimal number of posts before a signature link can become active or require a paid subscription. These are often best forums to post as with most active user. Paid subscription or some requirements a before adding a signature link keep the forum out of spammers and you will have less competition for your link.
Brand Yourself.

Once you find the forum start building your trust and authority in your niche. Build yourself as brand on the forum. Establish yourself as a real human. Most of the marketers fail to avail the signature link because of their fake profiles. Remember you are joining the forum to build an authority and brand yourself in a niche. Will people trust someone with no real picture and nickname?
Complete your profile.
Add your real picture as a profile picture. Make sure your picture is clear and smiling there.
Before answering any or posting any thread, introduce yourself in the introduction section. Introduce yourself politely; describe why you joined the forum and what expertise you have in that industry Specific forum.??Establish your credibility before adding a signature link. Make some initial posts without signature to establish a relationship
How to add a signature Link?
Every Forum assigns Control Panel Called User CP where they can add a signature link. Forum also allows you to add an image with signature link. Your signature link will get much higher click thru rate by adding an image and will stand out of crowd
Start Posting in The Forum
Before posting in the thread, you need to focus on the following type of thread.
Thread with highest number of views
Thread in the first two pages of forum section
Trending /Hot thread
Latest thread with less number of answers
Threads that are directly relate to your signature link. Where your signature links add a value to users and solve their problem.
Once you find a thread that meets your criteria, you need to contribute it in professional way.
In a relatively smaller niches, you will find a less number of users with signature link that link directly to an outside the. Hence there is more possibility to build the authority.