Post Settings In Blogger You Must Use

While using the Blogger, we often neglect the privacy impact linked to the shared articles. The article we shared describe a lot about us and is always ineffective over the Internet. Blogger is continuously improving the privacy search features which are capable of making your search preferences on the Internet, but most of us don’t know much about these features. 
Labels Setting (also known as categoriesWhen writing a post, click Labels (Act as Tagson the side and enter the labels Related to post, differentiate them with commas. As shown below. 

Schedule a post in blogger permit your post to auto-publish at a particular date and time that you choose from the calendar.

Custom permalink in blogger  While writing a post, Blogger auto-generates a permalink for your post based on the title of the post. If you would rather use a custom permalink, you can simply select the Custom URL, and enter your new URL as shown below in the Post Settings box. I suggest you to always use Custom Permalinks for Blogger Posts. Use 4-5 keyword in your URL.
The following characters are not allowed in custom URL
  • ! @#$%^&* ()...... Etc.
  • Space
The following characters are allowed
  • - (Dash)
  • _ (underscore)
Location in blogger  allows you to geotargeting, you can add a location to your each of your blog posts enters your position in the world.
Search description in blogger post  is a little summary of articles. When your page appears in a search engine. Search description  includes a keyword  for SEO purposes.

Options gives you the chance to allow/not allow reader comments, show HTML precisely and choose how to enter line breaks when in the "Compose" tab rather than the "HTML" tab