How to Undo Sent Emails In Gmail

Did you know? If in fact you can cancel your e-mails that have already been sent in Gmail? Indeed, this feature is not widely known. But in fact Google has developed this feature to be better than the initial launch. Initially, you are given 5 seconds (a 5-second window) where you can click “undo”. Now the Google operating system, allowing time to 30 seconds.
This feature is hidden from most users who have never malihatnya, or do not know where to look. Here’s your quick guide to avoid the ‘carelessness’ with the click of a button ‘. But be wary because this feature is part of Gmail Labs. All are still in the testing stages and might not apply as expected.

1. Sign in to your Account
2. Click Gear icon on the Right Top of gmail Page and then Click Setting

3. On The Setting Pages Click Labs Tab
Because this feature is part of Gmail Labs, you need to go to the page for activated the Gmail Labs feature. Open your Gmail, look to the right corner. Between e-mail address and settings, you will find green Labs icon. Click on the icon.

4. Type  “Undo Send” on the search box and then press enter

5. Enable “Undo Send” and Save Your Changes
After that, Google will display a list of features that are currently in trial in Gmail. Some are useful, some are included in the category of ‘just fun’. Noticed on the ‘Undo Send feature’. You’ll find it near the bottom of the list. As in the example image, select ‘Enable’ and then scroll down and save it (save your changes).

6. Set the duration of ‘Undo Send’
According to the default setting , Gmail gives a 10-second pause (a 10-second window) to cancel the email that was sent (to undo). Pause duration can be set and adjusted to your personal preferences, ranging from 5 seconds, 20 seconds, or 30 seconds. Simply access the Settings (upper right corner on the main Gmail page, next to the Labs icon), find ‘the Undo Send section’ on the inside of the tab “General”.

There are settings for ‘enable’ or ‘disable’ “Undo Send” and change the duration of the selection box as shown.

7. Composing and Sending E-mail
Now with the ‘Undo Send’ enabled, it will work every time you send an e-mail. You do not need to do anything out of the ordinary to allow canceling the delivery of Undo Send.

8. Click “Undo” When Sending
Now you have a time of 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds to cancel the e-mail that you send. Depending on the settings you’ve done before. Immediately after you have pressed the ‘Send’, the sub text lines will appear in the inbox says “Your Message has been Sent”. As well as coupled with several options, including “Undo”. Click “undo” within the time limit that had been allocated, the carelessness of a delivery can be avoided.
You can also push the button ‘Z’ on the keyboard (Gmail shortcut to ‘undo’). It is important to remember to not move the page. If the page on the move then you lose the opportunity to cancel the delivery of ‘Undo Your Sent Message’ forever.