How to turn on Gmail shortcut

Do you have a Gmail account? Do you often use it as your primary email? Then you definitely need something quick to do something right. Here we list out the Shortcut keys that exist in Gmail. This would save you lot of time, but you have to turn on keyboard shortcut in your Gmail account settings. The step below will show you how to turn on keyboard shortcut in Gmail

1. Login to your Gmail account

2. Click Gear setting icon on the top right of your Gmail page

3. click setting

4. In General page, click Keyboard shortcuts on and then scroll down your mouse and click save changes. you can see the figure below
  • If you want to create a new message in Gmail, usually you can just press the button Compose mail or create a new one, but it turns out there are other ways that you just press Shift + C on your keyboard to create a message in a new window. The difference with the compose mail button is, if the compose mail is done in the same window, then Shift + C will display a new window. So its superiority, we can create a message while reading incoming emails in another window. if you only want to compose message in same window, you can press C on keyboard.
  • Scroll email. You can do the scrolling message in the inbox by pressing K and J. This is done when you want to access the new email and the old one.
  • You can press the X button to select one of the messages.
  • If you open an email, and will respond / reply, just press R, then to forward / forward a message, you can press F.
  • If it will save messages in draft:, just press Ctrl + S, it will automatically be saved in the draft message.
  • A short way to delete a message that you just press the # sign, the message will be immediately deleted by itself.
  • Marking messages in a way once you select a message, press Shift + I to mark that has been read, and Shift + U as unread messages
below is more of Gmail shortcut
c: compose or write a new email
r: reply or reply to email
a: reply all or reply to all emails
f: forward email
Shift + r: reply in a new window
Shift + A: reply all in new window
Shift + F: Forward in a new window
e: archive
y: remove the label
#: move to trash
! : Report spam
+: Mark as an important email
-: Mark unimportant email
/: Search
s: toggle Star
z: undo
n: show message berikutnyae
p: show previous message
? : Show the keyboard shortcut
g then i: move to inbox
g and t: switching to an email sent
g then d: switch to draft
g then a: switching to all emails
g then s: switch to the starred emails
g and l: switch to label
g then c: switch to contacts
g and k: switch to task
In addition to the above shortcuts shortcut, Gmail also has a few other shortcuts. However, you should try it first on the list. Good luck!