How To Setup Gmail Offline

How To Activate and use Gmail Offline

Google mail or Gmail is one of the largest free email service providers today. It can now be accessed without having to connect to the internet.

The way to implement this is easy. Users simply need to add the Gmail Offline app to the Chrome browser. The app is gotten at the Chrome store. Once the page appears, click on “add to chrome” then pop up the installation of the application will appear. Click on “install” and the Offline Gmail app will be installed on your chrome browser.

Offline Google Mail works by making backups automatically and store  it in the computer so you can open our Gmail Inbox. You can also schedule or send email in offline conditions for delivery of whenever you have access to the internet. This will be done automatically once the computer  without us having to repeat the process of writing and sending emails.

With this app you no longer need to bother waiting for an internet connection just to open, read, send or reply to emails. You do not have to take extra effort, to login again every time you have Internet connection.

Offline Google Mail works only in Chrome browser and can only be used for email management. You should still need Internet access to send emails or reply to email.

Features that Can Be Used As Offline

  • Reading email, giving star and label.
  • Setting, for setting Labels and Offline.
  • Compose Mail, to write / reply to emails. If you press the Send button, the email will be stored in the Outbox folder and will be sent when it is connected to the Internet.
  • Search, also can use the Search Option.
  • Reading Help on Offline Gmail.

Limitations Offline Gmail

  • Can not add the attachment to the email.
  • Contacts can not be accessed.
  • Search results are limited to the data on the computer.

How to Setup Offline Gmail

  1. Download and install the offline app on the computer.
  2. Log in to your Gmail account.
  3. Click Settings and select Lab.
  4. Click on the Enable Offline Gmail feature and press the Save Changesbutton.
  5. Click the Offline link that now appears on the top right of the screen to start the process.
  6. Once completed, you can sign out and disconnect the internet connection.
  7. Open a web browser.
  8. In the address box, type
  9. Enter your email address in the box provided and press the Offline – Sign in.