8 Tips on How to Open a Gmail Quickly

If you see that Gmail is loading slow, probably because you have a slow Internet connection or other factors of the feature in Gmail is quite heavy to open. Here I will give you some tips to speed up opening Gmail even if you have a slow internet connection.

1. Disable / Turn off Chat in Gmail Features

Since Google Talk was launched, most of us do not use the Chat feature in Gmail anymore, instead we’ll use Google Talk to chat with our friends Gmail.
Chat toggle could reduce the burden of the load on Gmail and it would speed up loading time in Gmail. To disable the chat feature, log into your Gmail account, look to the bottom, then click turn off chat.

2. Add parameter? Nocheckbrowser in default Gmail address

Open Gmail using https://mail.google.com/gmail?nocheckbrowser . This will tell Gmail not to check your browser when opened. It can significantly help reduce the loading time in Gmail.

3. Basic HTML mode

HTML Mode will turn off AJAX-driven features. However, if you have a slow Internet connection, HTML mode may be the most effective way to accelerate the time to open your Gmail.
To switch to HTML mode Gmail, log into your Gmail account, look to the bottom, then click Load basic HTML.

4. Disable buzz feature

If you do not need the buzz feature, you can turn it off to reduce time-loading in Gmail. To disable buzz, log into your Gmail account, look to the bottom, then click turn off buzz.

5. Remove unnecessary email

If your inbox is full of excess mail, Gmail will require extra time to be opened. It is better for you to remove all the unnecessary email as spam.
Block address and Automatically Delete Email in Gmail

6. Clear the browser cache

Clearing your browser cache on a regular basis can definitely help in speeding up browsing.

7. Reduce in using Plugin

Browsers are usually caused by heavy excessive plugin to be loaded each time you open a new tab or window. Reducing the number of browser plugins can help to load faster Gmail.

8. Reducing the number of emails which appear on every page

A smaller number of emails that are displayed on each page, then loads Gmail to be opened to be lighter. You can easily set the maximum number of emails that appear on each page of the settings page.