Gmail Sign Up – How to Make An Email Address at

Gmail is a free webmail service from Google with a storage capacity of up to 7 GB more and growing. In addition, Gmail is also a major gateway for users to enjoy a variety of other Google services, such as making a free blog on, uploading videos to youtube, making Picasa photo albums and much more just by just making an email account in Gmail.

Follow the step below

1. Visit Link
2. On that page, there are two options on how to make a Gmail account. You can sign up by clicking on “Create an Account” on Right Top, look at the picture below

or by clicking on “Create an Account” link in the middle of the page under mobile access Gmail.

Also for those of you who are not really comfortable with the English language, can also change the display language into your native language. This can be done with the help of the language settings at the lower right corner. So to change the language, you click on the drop menu, then select your native language.

 language selection in the bottom right of Gmail page

Once you click on a link “Create an Account”, you will be taken to the page data entry form as follows

1. Fill your first and last name in the first text box. For example, First Name : Andrean  and last name: .Wildfire

2. Choose a username that is used as an email address. For example: if you want your email to be “Andrea Wilden”. Fill it out in the textbox, so that Gmail create will create the email address “”.

3. Create a password that will always be used to open or access your email.
4. Retype the password you created earlier (Confirm your password)
5.  Fill in the month, date and year of your birth.
6. Select the type of sex (gender) you.
7. Enter your mobile number (this is optional, just for security purpose). Make sure the writing is by removing the phone numbers zero and replaced with +1in front of the area code of United States.
8. Enter your email address (If you have). This email address is only used to confirm that you are the owner of this account. This is helpful when you forget the password to open your new email. Gmail would email the password to the email address you entered in this box. However, if you gave a valid phone number, the password reset confirmation will be done via text message or SMS. There will be more regulation on this.
9.Enter the verification code. make sure to write numbers or letters correctly. It’s meant to check you are a human, and not a robot that makes Gmail accounts automatically.
10. Make sure the location listed is your country.
11 Tick all the options and click “Next Step”.
12. At next page, you are shown your Gmail profile. At this stage could direct to the “Next Step”. It is recommended to add Gmail profile photo. This is useful in the utilization and subsequent use of google services. And to add a profile photo, click “Add Profile Photo”
13. Click the “Select a photo from your computer” to upload your profile avatar. It is recommended to use a small and rectangular photo. This is to ease the uploading of the picture and subsequent arrangements.
 add profile avatar in Gmail
14. After the photo has been uploaded, you can still adjust the picture if it you are not yet satisfied. But if it is in accordance with what you want, click “Set a Profile Photo”.
 profile avatar
15.This display profile photos in your Gmail email account. At this stage you are given the opportunity to re-edit the photo if it does not fit the profile as desired. If so, click “Next Step”
 Gmail profile
16. It’s finished all the stages of how to create an email in Gmail. And of all these stages, you’ve got a Gmail email address that you would be able to share with your friends, that
17. By following all the steps of how to create an email in Gmail, you also automatically have an account and profile at Google Plus (G+) which is the only user profiles for all other google services.
18. To view the content in your Gmail email, please click the “Continue to Gmail”.
19. And this is the view the content of emails in your Gmail.
 Gmail View

20. That is how to create an email address at Gmail. And by having an email account in gmail, means you have entitled to use all the other google services.