Gmail Message Sneak Peak

How To Activate Gmail Message Sneak Peak

For users of Gmail, Gmail now has added features that can make us more comfortable and easy to use email. Such feature is Message Sneak Peek.

This feature is very useful when having the ability to display the message at a glance before you actually open the message. It can save your time to look at the email message is really important to you

To activate This Feature, you can follow the instructions below :

1. Login to your gmail account

2. Click Gear icon on the right top of the page

3. Click Setting

4. Click Labs tabs

4. Type “sneak” in the search box and then press enter.after result shown, you can click enable option. See the figure below

5. click save changes to save your changes, and then your browser will reload your gmail page.
Your message sneak is now active, you can try it on your message. To use this feature, you can follow the instruction below

1. Go to your gmail inbox

2. Right click on your message it will show the sneak peak view; like a example below
 view sneak Message

Well Done, you have activate your sneak peak message in your gmail