How to Add Image In Gmail Signature

Currently Gmail or Google Mail has become the choice for many people as the email service daily – used. May include for bloggers who are required to have a Gmail account for easy access to all features – features such as Google ™ Blogger, google webmaster tools, google Adsense / AdWord, Feedburner, google analytics, Youtube and many more. Well, in this article, the reader will take a little creative in terms of adding a personal signature or the name of the blog is managed in the form of an image file. may be a signature image or symbol / logo. I will show you how to add an image as a signature in your Gmail account. It is very easy to do even this.

Do the following step by step

1. Log in to your Gmail account.

2. Upon successful entry, click on the “Gear icon” in the upper right just below your photo. It will appear a few drop-down menu, select “Settings” menu among other menu. If you have trouble finding the settings menu or settings that way, you can see the photo on the right above you to help get the Settings menu or you can see the figure below

3. Once entered into the Settings menu, scroll menu down the options until you find the menu for signature:, just below there will be a menu to edit the signature or signatures your Gmail

4. Start editing the text. Here you can choose not to write anything, and only include your photo signature (electronic signature as we often call it). But, I suggest that you write something first. You can write, “From” “Sincerely”, “cheers” and others

5. Add images in signatures your gmail. only need to click on the Insert Image button, where you can insert a picture and enter a link in the option “Image Url”.

6. After all the settings done, you only need scroll down your mouse, and click on “Save Changes”.

7. Done, now when you compose mail you will see in the bottom of your message there will be a picture of your signature