How To Sign In to Your Gmail Account – Gmail Login

In the previous article, I posted a tutorial about how to create an email account (or sign up) at Now, I want to explain to you about how to sign in or log in to your Gmail account. You can follow the step below

1. Go to you will see a page like the picture below
2. Type your email username at username field
3. Type your password at password field
4. Press Enter on your keyboard or you can click Sign in button
5. Then you will log in to your Gmail email account
6. If you have trouble in sign in, you can click on the Link Cant Access Your Account 
 I will explain about Gmail forgot password in next article :)

Gmail Sign Up – How to Make An Email Address at

Gmail is a free webmail service from Google with a storage capacity of up to 7 GB more and growing. In addition, Gmail is also a major gateway for users to enjoy a variety of other Google services, such as making a free blog on, uploading videos to youtube, making Picasa photo albums and much more just by just making an email account in Gmail.

Follow the step below

1. Visit Link
2. On that page, there are two options on how to make a Gmail account. You can sign up by clicking on “Create an Account” on Right Top, look at the picture below

or by clicking on “Create an Account” link in the middle of the page under mobile access Gmail.

Also for those of you who are not really comfortable with the English language, can also change the display language into your native language. This can be done with the help of the language settings at the lower right corner. So to change the language, you click on the drop menu, then select your native language.

 language selection in the bottom right of Gmail page

Once you click on a link “Create an Account”, you will be taken to the page data entry form as follows

1. Fill your first and last name in the first text box. For example, First Name : Andrean  and last name: .Wildfire

2. Choose a username that is used as an email address. For example: if you want your email to be “Andrea Wilden”. Fill it out in the textbox, so that Gmail create will create the email address “”.

3. Create a password that will always be used to open or access your email.
4. Retype the password you created earlier (Confirm your password)
5.  Fill in the month, date and year of your birth.
6. Select the type of sex (gender) you.
7. Enter your mobile number (this is optional, just for security purpose). Make sure the writing is by removing the phone numbers zero and replaced with +1in front of the area code of United States.
8. Enter your email address (If you have). This email address is only used to confirm that you are the owner of this account. This is helpful when you forget the password to open your new email. Gmail would email the password to the email address you entered in this box. However, if you gave a valid phone number, the password reset confirmation will be done via text message or SMS. There will be more regulation on this.
9.Enter the verification code. make sure to write numbers or letters correctly. It’s meant to check you are a human, and not a robot that makes Gmail accounts automatically.
10. Make sure the location listed is your country.
11 Tick all the options and click “Next Step”.
12. At next page, you are shown your Gmail profile. At this stage could direct to the “Next Step”. It is recommended to add Gmail profile photo. This is useful in the utilization and subsequent use of google services. And to add a profile photo, click “Add Profile Photo”
13. Click the “Select a photo from your computer” to upload your profile avatar. It is recommended to use a small and rectangular photo. This is to ease the uploading of the picture and subsequent arrangements.
 add profile avatar in Gmail
14. After the photo has been uploaded, you can still adjust the picture if it you are not yet satisfied. But if it is in accordance with what you want, click “Set a Profile Photo”.
 profile avatar
15.This display profile photos in your Gmail email account. At this stage you are given the opportunity to re-edit the photo if it does not fit the profile as desired. If so, click “Next Step”
 Gmail profile
16. It’s finished all the stages of how to create an email in Gmail. And of all these stages, you’ve got a Gmail email address that you would be able to share with your friends, that
17. By following all the steps of how to create an email in Gmail, you also automatically have an account and profile at Google Plus (G+) which is the only user profiles for all other google services.
18. To view the content in your Gmail email, please click the “Continue to Gmail”.
19. And this is the view the content of emails in your Gmail.
 Gmail View

20. That is how to create an email address at Gmail. And by having an email account in gmail, means you have entitled to use all the other google services.

Google is Getting Serious on Non Mobile Friendly Domains

Google is getting serious on search result. Google always works for relevance and to give relevant result for this users around the world Google has introduced many algorithms like Penguin, Panda, Humming Bird, and Pigeon (For Now Pigeon algorithm only for US users) so that the users can be satisfied with search result. And that's the reason till now Google is considered to the king of search engines..

Penalty for Non Mobile Friendly Domains 

Google has got serious on search result for Mobile. Google always puts this users first and Google has brought many changes in 
search result. Now Google is setting this focus on mobile users. So Google gonna introduces algorithm for Non Mobile Friendly Domain. Take this seriously and make your domain user Mobile Friendly.

Why should you take this Algorithm Seriously 

Well, most of the Google users uses smartphone's to search their query's and most of the people in the world owns Android Smartphone (Android phone Available from 100$), if your domain isn't users Mobile friendly your domain has a many chance to get hit by the new algorithm. And every visitor from search query will be decreased. 

It doesn't matter how hard you do your SEO for your domain, if your domain is not users Mobile friendly your domain will not be resulted in Google First page. Well that's a great loss isn't it...

Loss in Revenue.. Well Think about this again..

Most of the desktop users have Ad-blockers on their browsers and the only way to see some few dollars are from mobile users RIGHT.. If this algorithm hits you will gonna have a hard time on blogging.  But the good news is you still have time to make your domain a Mobile Users Friendly. This algorithm will be live from April 21th 2015. You still have plenty of time to make your domain fit for mobile Users.

Check out my domain on mobile view. Well, not a very good sign for me. Google may have been marked my sites as a Non Mobile Friendly Domain. My site template is not comfortable for mobile users. 

As I have hosted my domain on Blogger so its just a click to make my domain a Mobile Friendly Domain for Google.

Follow This Steps To Make Your Domain a User Mobile Friendly Domain:

1) Login To Blogger and go to Template 

2) You will see the Mobile Custom Area and click the gear option 

3) And Select the option Yes. Show Mobile Template on Mobile Device and choose Custom. You will get the same template as the desktop version which will be comfortable for Mobile 

After choosing Custom Option on Mobile. Now my domain is  user friendly for mobile users. Check the screenshot below and check my screenshot above too, and see the differences.

Tips To Make Mobile Friendly Domain.

1) Avoid Flash which are not compatible with mobile devices 

2) Make sure that your domains fit the size of the mobile screen

3) Make sure that the users don't have to scroll horizontally 

4) Use font and size to be vision for the users. So that users can avoid zoom in and zoom out.

Final Words.

Google is serious about this algorithm and take sure that Google doesn't mark your domain as Non Mobile Friendly Domain. Don't lose even a single loyal visitors from Google and  making your domain a Mobile Friendly you can satisfy your mobile users and by that they will become a regular visitors for you.

Find Relevant Forum And Create Safe Backlinks in 2017

Google always works for relevance and getting backlink from relevant site is considered as a high quality backlink will surely push your search position to front page And getting backlink from related Forum is considered as the extremely high backlink too..

Well What is Forum ?

Online Forum is a online discussion site where  particular issues can be posted and right solution will be given by the other users.

As I said its a discussion site, but its not a Chatting site. (Because both have different rules)

Online forum uses "Netiquette" rules.

Netiquette means "Correct/acceptable way of using internet"

Forum Rules / Netiquette Rule To be Followed on Forum Site.

  1. Behave yourself.
  2. Respect Other user.
  3. Be Polite while commenting.
  4. Post Relevent Thread.
  5. Represent yourself Well (try to give all details in Profile)
  6. Share expert Knowledge
  7. Give Credit to the source of the message.
  8. Don't Steal the Content from another site.
  9. Don't Troll the user.
  10. Don't use Abuse Words.
  11. Don't Spam. 
  12. Don't Sell Any Product with Afflicate link.
  13.  Don't Joke around on the message. Use Emotional Smiley..
NOW For the Main Topics :D  

Guys! Have you ever wondered why forums site look different when compared with answering and discussion related sites ?

Well !!! 

Forum script was created by Jelsoft Enterprises and Vbulletin Solution and its code are written in PHP and uses MYSQL database server and this script are been used for forums site completely...

Here is the trick to found forum for your niche 

How To Find Related Forum For Your Site

It's just a Simple keyword to find the forums you are looking for. Just go to Google and Search Powered by Vbulletin by searching this every forum which is powered by vbulletin will be listed.. 

Now just add Your keyword of your Niche Site like this..  Keyword powered by vbulletinFor Example Android Powered by Vbulletin.

Ways to get Backlinks From Forums

1) Backlink On Profile Page

Search And find an active forum with good Page Rank then complete the registration process and verify the mail from the forum to get access to the forum to create backlinks..

After Verification you will get his page and quickly jump into profile page.

And complete all your details and enter your domain name in homepage  and save it. This method is 100% acceptable by the forum...

2) Create backlink on reply 
Be careful in this method and do this if you have a solution for the forum thread then you can use this method. This method gives you a backlink as well as royal readers. Search the forum threads and find the post which is unanswered by other members and if you have solution article in your blog, then quick reply to the thread post by inserting your link in a word by using that small globe with a link chain....

Are You can also use this tag. [url=Your link]keyword[/url]. If you have a post regarding the thread link it in the reply which is 100% acceptable. But don't link your site homepage with is not accepted and the link will be removed by some chance. And get banned from Forum For Spamming.. 

But don't try this method unless you have attended more than 20 thread post are you will be banned from the forum are the link will be removed.

3)  Create Backlinks On Signature / Visitors Message
In some forums this is known as Signature and other options is known as Visitor Message and some forum sites has both this option.

Enter your name or message for your visitor with the link. If its a Signature enter
Your Name (use [url=http://name]domain name[/url].

The signature will appear in the reply you have made automatically in the thread post. By using this signature method give a proper solution to the thread, but reply a thread with stupid answers with will spoil your domain reputation in that forum.. Do it if you have a solution if not don't everything of this using method..

Final Words: 
Forums have Strict Rules so be careful with your reply and behavior. Be active or at least login and post a thread or reply to a thread. In some forums you will be banned if you're inactive too, and your backlinks may be deleted by the forum Admins..Use the backlink Creating method 2 and 3 if you have a Proper solution for the Problem..

How to Add a Beautiful Blogger Drop Down Menu

In this tutorial, we're going to teach you how to add a beautiful maroon-colored drop down menu for your blogger template Unlike many drop down menus on the internet, this menu relies only CSS and does not require Jquery scripts, which tend to slow the loading of your site for your visitors. The menu is responsive and fully compatible with all major browsers. All in all, this is a clean, modern and professional-looking drop down menu that will make navigation through your site much easier for your visitors.

Now let's start with the 5 easy steps to get this feature into your blogger template. First things first, login to your Blogger dashboard. 

Step 1: Click on the "layout" icon on the left side of your screen

Step 2: Click on the horizontal and longest  "Add a Gadget" link

Step 3: Click on the HTML/JavaScript link

Step 4: Now you should see a popup window with the title of "Configure HTML/JavaScript". In the content section of the popup window, copy and paste this code below and hit the orange button saying "save"

Step 5: make sure to change all the "#" signs that are highlighted in red with your links.

That's it! Enjoy, you're done! Login Sign up, Sign in – Create Gmail Account Login Sign up Sign in – Create Gmail Account 

Google mail, which is broadly mainstream under the name of ‘Gmail” is a web construct email account that works in light of the location in which individuals can store the messages instead of putting away them on their PC’s hard drive. Why? Since, we can’t generally have enough space or access to download every one of the messages to the PC and an online email is moderately more adaptable when contrasted and this inflexible alternative.

Through, you can get to messages from your PC as well as from any PC with a web access. Along these lines, when you are in premises without your own PC, despite everything you can have a possibility of perusing the Sends. Envision yourself stuck in a truly unavoidable circumstance and not ready to leave it. This is the place 

What is Gmail? – Google free Email Service

In case you’re anticipating make another email address for certain social/business/modern/individual purposes to trade guys, to utilize it as a recognizable proof prospect for other online networking stages, is made just for you. offers you better client name, upgraded capacity of messages than your hard drive and the recently included exact channel where your messages are sorted out in names. A solitary

You can utilize it to get to, peruse and perform different activities on your current email accounts and get benefitted from its garbage. You can utilize it to move undesirable messages to the garbage can. You can utilize it file past sends. You can utilize it to reinforcement your documents utilizing Google Drive. You can likewise utilize it as a basic and plain email account.

There were times when login and a
In this article, we will discuss the enrollment process alongside few elements that has in store with you. Specifications

The main thing that you have to make a record is a PC with an advanced web access. A cell phone is likewise required on the off chance that you need to get checked in the first phase of record creation that the Google will send you a confirmation code to your telephone which you need to enter keeping in mind the end goal to continue to the following phase of establishment.

The account and should be possible without any difficulty. Features is the class’ topper when discussing details and elements. Among numerous other interesting components of, the best one is the as of late included an incorporated alternative that permits you to video talk known as Hangouts. Through Hangouts, you can talk with around nine individuals at once by sharing recordings, utilizing video overlays like radiances, privateer caps and crowns.

Utilizing, you can home base with anybody on your contact list whom you have included some time recently. The main thing you ought to ensure is that both of you have home bases set on your PCs with separate webcams. Aside from this, there are additionally other social applications you can get to utilizing Google+ stage. Furthermore, a Gmail account login is the thing that you required for this.

Aside from this, one can send texts utilizing talk choice from inbox furthermore can make telephone calls. is one of those stunning web-accounts where you don’t need to download a moment messenger. You can simply do a
For cell phones nowadays, applications are accessible for both android. iOs and another sort of programming projects which explores you to your record without breaking a sweat. You can likewise download a notifier in case you’re utilizing on your PC’s web program.

This notifier will give you a message appear in the event that you need to enjoy a little reprieve in the wake of sitting before the screen for quite a while. On account of the special topics gave by Google interface that you can tweak your email with most loved subjects and pictures.

You can likewise alter foundation, marks, organizers and hues to suit your test. In any case, Google Reader is debilitated from and to utilize this, you need to utilize an RSS channel administration. 

Requirements to Create Gmail Account

#1: Synthesis Apparatuses – offers you an inbox stockpiling of around 15GB. This may not be the most elevated stockpiling sum offered and is without a doubt at the highest point of the rankings when contrasted and other email accounts, however, it have admittance to fresh out of the box new distributed storage through Google Drive where you can have a vast entirety stockpiling.
Google Docs which used to be there is currently consolidated and mixed into Google Drive. In this way, at whatever point you transfer a spreadsheet, content record, you can transparent it utilizing Google Drive. This comes conveniently when you need to finish a school/school/work venture and when you don’t have Microsoft Office introduced on your PC. Through this, you can really impart the document to various individuals rather than mailing to everyone of them, independently. Interestingly, is accessible in all dialects originating from Arabic to Vietnamese. Aside from this, the discussion interface is the most unequivocal element one can encounter which makes it the best email association on the web. Rather than emailing forward and backward on steady premise to have a discussion or to send documents, you can impart records on your Google Drive to them and converse with them through texting.

Indeed, even the sent messages and the got messages are separated in one line with the quantity of messages sectioned adjacent to the client name. In cases, where your contact has transferred a sort of headshot, it is additionally shown in the discussion. Extra to these, you can sort your discussions by beneficiary, words, subject, sender and give hued names simply like that you do in a kitchen.

#2: Security – the Best thing about’s security is that it incorporates infection, spam and phishing assurance. All the spam is sorted out in a different envelope under the name, “Spam” which permits you to recognize the waste from the quality sends. You can likewise check a discussion as spam.

Every one of the messages is checked for infections and anything which gives off an impression of being suspicious like a phishing trick are hailed. You can answer to Google to abstain from accepting such sends in future. It confines programmed downloads as the substance may turn out tainted now and again furthermore squares pictures to make it outwardly intense. Subsequently, the insurance is the first rate.
Yet, the channels’ quality can’t be balanced which is a disadvantage for

#3: Help and Support – The mail administration offers you various bolster alternatives including FAQs and discussions. You can uncover a response for any inquiry and you can submit it to the bolster group of by a Gmail log in. 

Complete Guide to Sign In – Create Gmail Account & Login (Step by Step Procedure)

The most important thing you need to do keeping in mind the end goal to begin with sign in is to visit the Google landing page. In the wake of going by the landing page, go to the upper right corner and tap on the Gmail choice that is accessible on the top.
When you have squeezed that catch, you will be coordinated to the page. On this home screen, you can locate a “Sign in” segment towards the right half of the page. On the off chance that you don’t have Google account creating so as to precede this, you ought to begin one. For this, Click on the “Make a record” catch on the base. In the event that you as of now have a record, fill in the separate subtle elements and snap “Sign in”. This is the manner by which you do a Gmail sign in.

To make another record, you have to fill few points of interest like First name, Last name and a novel username that addresses you just before the “
You can either acknowledge one of those or enter some name once more. Guarantee that you have perused and consented to the “Terms and Conditions” by tapping the crate alongside “I agree” to login Gmail.

Once you’re finished with this, snap next step. You ought to choose a watchword all alone to safely make a Gmail login into your record. Having a blend of numbers and letters will make it solid to figure. Re-enter it and manage the CAPTCHA code that is accessible at the last base. You can either do it or go for a versatile check as clarified previously.

In the wake of being finished with the versatile check and moving to the following step, it will take you to the “Make Profile” pop-up or page. The profile page contains a photo area where you can transfer your photo with a specific end goal to reinforce your character. On the off chance that you don’t need it on the web, you can skip it and complete setting the mail.

You can include the profile picture by essentially browsing so as to tap on “Include profile photograph” and the wanted picture on your PC and selecting it. Arriving at the end, click beside set up your record and you will be coordinated to your inbox straight away.
Once after you make a Gmail account login, you can get to, open, read, answer, erase, sort every one of the messages you get as needs are. To straightforwardly make a Gmail account login simply visit landing page and enter your username and secret word. Snap ‘Sign in’ to do a sign in Gmail. Sign Out (Step by Step Procedure)

Keeping in mind the end goal to sign out from record utilizing web program, go to the sort right corner of the showcase screen. Click on the email address or the photograph. You will get a popup. From the popup, click on the “Sign Out” catch. In the event that you are utilizing a smartphone, go to At the top and the base, you will have the email address.

Go to the last one and snap on it. A popup seems giving you an alternative to “Sign out of all records”. Select it to sign out. In situations where you login to Gmail record and overlooked accessing so as to mark out from it like it from an open PC or companion’s PC, you can sign the out utilizing an alternate PC. To do this, the first login to the Gmail like you typically do. Look to the base right to the presentation, where you discover “Points of interest”.
Click on it to get a “Sign out of every single another gadget” alternative. This will log you out from each other dynamic Gmail session that is working over the world. Presently, make a protected login once more.


Since we know every one of the elements of Gmail alongside its social availability gave on Google+ stage, Google Drive highlight which is a combination of such a variety of administrations and items; the main objection is that we wind up utilizing it regularly for everything without exception.

Likewise, it the replaces the human closeness of meeting in the individual. Aside from utilizing it for the essential messaging administration, you can likewise utilize it as a free MP3 player, as a free online document converter, online capacity, personality, open ID, furthermore to play amusements like Snakey. What are you sitting tight for? Make a Gmail account and appreciate every one of its benefits.

How to Use Search in Gmail - Gmail Search Operators

For users of Gmail with a large number of received email,  you can run into trouble when searching for a particular email. But do not worry, apparently Gmail has a search command feature that is very powerful, making it easier for you to search for an email.

Remember, Gmail can not find the words or sentences with multiple misspellings.
Well, you have additional commands to search emails in Gmail?

Using Advanced Gmail Search

Advanced search operators are query words or symbols that perform special actions in Gmail search. These operators allow you to find what you’re looking for quickly and accurately. They can also be used to set up filters so you can organize your inbox automatically. Some of the most useful operators are listed below.
You can also refine your search by clicking the arrow in the search box.