6 Best Related Post Plugins for Wordpress blog

Hey Readers, In this post I will gives you information of “6 best Related Post plugins for wordpress blog”. When You use any Related Posts wordpress plugin then surly it will decrease your bounce rate. Because these plugin shows the related posts below the post. So your visitors have a chance to look at other articles rather than leave your blog immediately.
By use of these plugin your blog’s interlinking will increased and your blogs visitors remain on the blog. I am sure that this third party plugins will definitely helps you to get more pageviews on your blog.



This plugin is the most famous related post plugins for wordpress between bloggers. YARPP plugin is shows thumbnails and also textual display below the post. You can change any time number of posts that are shown. Get this related posts wordpress plugin from here.
Features Of YARPP :
* Give Related Posts, Related Pages and also Custom Posts.
* Very Advance Algorithm.
* Best Caching.
* Related Post in RSS feeds.
* Great Templating System.


This plugin is also known as WordPress Related Post Plugin. This plugin is also used by TechTrickHub, You can show this below the post. This plugin offers various templates to use this into your blog. In this plugin edit the related posts but by default this will automatically shows the related post.
Features of Zementa :
* Reduce bounce rate
* Increase rate of pageviews
* Matched according to layout of your blog


This plugin shows the posts as vertical listing. This plugin shows thumbnails and Title of post in a very clean manner. This plugin has great customize options to use related posts. Get this related posts wordpress plugin.


This is the perfect plugin to show related content, This plugin is also offers a option to make money by showing sponsored post. This plugin has five skins and you can also changes the size of thumbnails and also show related posts on Top of posts. Get this from here.


This plugin is very powerful WordPress Related Posts to show the related posts. Because here this plugin shows the posts according to post title or content in the post. This plugin is also supports short codes, widgets, custom posts and thumbnails.


This plugin shows the related post in animated style. When any user scroll to the bottom then an slide box will appear. You can change number posts, size of thumbnails and title, and also choose where to slide box will appears.

I think that this post surly helps you for select a best related post plugins for wordpress blog. If you have any other plugin out of them then please mention in comment box. And also mention if you have any problem regarding to Best Related Post Plugins For WordPress Blog.

Simple Recent Posts Widget for Blogger/Blogspot

Hey Readers, Today I am going to discuss on “How To Add Recent Post Widget for Blogger“. By this widget you can show your recent posts in eye caching way.  This widget is shows the thumbnails of recent post widget. When any visitor comes on your blog and move the cursor on the posts thumbnails then here Title and post summary is also occurs.

This is help to you to interlinking of your posts. That is increase the SEO reputation also. And by this plugin your blog visitor can find the new posts directly rather than go to Home page. And rather than leave your blog user will look at another posts of your blog, So you must do it.


1. Just Log-in to your Blogger account to add recent post widget. Now select Layout >> Add a Gadget >>  HTML/Java Script.
2. Now Copy the Script which is give below And paste into HTML/Java Script Gadget box ( Leave Title Become Blank ). As shown in image.

” Get Add Recent Post Script Form Here!“
3. Now you have need to do changes in this script that is as change the URL http://techtrickhub.blogspot.com/ with your blog’s home page URL.
4. Now You Have Done. :D Save the all arrangement in blogger layout. And get the benefit of this tutorial.


This will be provide you a lot of benefits which don’t know but i want to share some of them 
here for you. So benefits of this task as-

1. Interlinking of your blog will be increase.
2. By increase interlinking of your blog you will get good SEO report and sure you can build a high SERP.
3. User not need to go to your home page for getting your blog’s latest post.

After executing this tutorial on your blog your visitor will see the wonderful recent posts widget that sure that it will helps you a lot. If you have any trouble with How to Add Recent Post Widget For Blogger then you must ask us in comment box.

Top 5 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools

Plagiarism Checker Tools are helps bloggers to check their content is copied or not. Any blogger will not like to add copy content in his/her blog. Because here is many harmful effects are on blogs like on AdSense account, SEO effects, Blog’s popularity, Blog’s traffic and many more other. So here is I am going to share Top 5 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools for bloggers. Here you only need to copy and paste your content in that Plagiarism Checker Tools and you will get results.

So if you not applying to Google AdSense till now than you must have to use these tools for uncopied content. The uncopied (original) content will helps you in Search Engine Optimization. So here is the Top 5 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools.



Copyscape.com is the first number in Top Plagiarism Checker Tools. In this tool you only need to post URL and this tool will gives you all copied results and that likes too. The only drawback of this tool is that,, this is paid. But you can check ten URLs of every blog in one month.
This is at 2nd position in Plagiarism Checker Tools ranking and this tool is offered by smallseotools.com. This online Plagiarism checker can check your content before posting it on your blog or anywhere else. Biggest feature of this tool that, it is free and no need to download any software for this.


Plagiarisma.net is online content scanner that is at 3rd position. The main key that make it different from other Plagiarism Checker Tools that, it supports 190+ languages. And by this Plagiarism checker can scan content by uploaded documents also. So just register for this tool and be enjoy this.


Great tool for check Plagiarism online for free. This is more fast than other tools and here is no need to sign up for this. Here you can upload your documents or files which you wants to check Plagiarism for free.


This is an awesome tool for plagiarism checker. If you wants to spend some money for Plagiarism Checker Tools than I suggest you to use this one. This is premium but more beneficial Plagiarism Checker Tools.


We are discussed about Top 5 best free Plagiarism Checker Tools that surly helps you to checking plagiarism of your content. I suggest you Copyscape.com online tool, that’s available in free and paid version. And if you really wants to spends your money for Plagiarism Checker Tools than you must select last tool that is Grammarly Plagiarism Checker tool.
So I hope this article helps you to select a tool for check your plagiarism. But if you have any other problem or issue with Top 5 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools than please mention into comment box.

How to Convert Facebook Profile into Fan Page

Convert Facebook Profile into Fan Page trick is provided by Facebook itself. Many of you may be wonder by knowing that Convert Facebook Profile into Fan Page is very easy task which is directly provided by Facebook team to help their user. There is no officially announcement for this trick but everyone who use Facebook right now can take Advantage from this trick by convert Facebook Profile into Fan Page.

After Convert Facebook Profile into Fan Page you cannot able to get your profile again so be sure that you really wants to do this trick. By applying this trick your Facebook friends and followers will be converted into Facebook Fan page likes. Means if you have 500 friends on Facebook and 100 followers than it become sure that you get 600 likes on converted Facebook Fan Page. Here your profile picture, cover photo and username will be same of newly created Fan page but you can change it. Read: How To Add All Friends To Facebook Group In One Click.

Facebook fan page is used to promoting your brand, website, product, blog and for fun also. But if you not have sufficient likes on it than it will be useless. So here I provide awesome trick that is Convert Facebook Profile into Fan Page by this you are able to get hug likes on Facebook Fan page. You can also earn money by share referral links on your Facebook page if here a lot likes of active users. So for getting benefits from this let start our trick that is Convert Facebook Profile into Fan Page.

Login to Facebook. (Must use your own profile)
Now you need to download all data from Facebook. Because after Convert Facebook Profile into Fan Page you are not able to access your photos and other information.
Now the important step is go to Facebook migrate tool, you can find it by click on it Convert Facebook Profile into Fan Page.
Now you see a warning message but ignore it and Go to next step where you can choose category and change name of your page. Here you must be change your name to your Facebook Fan page name. Same as below given image.

Now click on agree Terms and Conditions, insert your password and click on conform button.

You are created a brand new Facebook fan page. Enjoy it.

Now after Convert Facebook Profile into Fan Page you can see your friends and followers are become changed into likes. Now you can get advantages form your Facebook Fan page. This officially trick was provided by Facebook. By Convert Facebook Profile into Fan Page, here not any disadvantage will be occur on this new page. All options and features will be remain same as they are in manually created Fan page but you will get more like than that. :D

I suggest you to before Convert Facebook Profile into Fan Page you must be download your all information and try this trick only on yourself Facebook profile. So if you have any doubt about Convert Facebook Profile into Fan Page than you must contact with us by commenting in below.

How to Add Twitter Widget for Blogger and WordPress?

Hey Reader, Now I am going to share my experience with this brand new trick that is How to Add Twitter Widget for Blogger and WordPress? Twitter is very powerful way for bloggers to get traffic from social media networks. Twitter widget in blogger and wordpress will give your users to follow you without leaving your site that down your bounce rate. This widget gives you to make backlink on your own blog.

Today we will find the way to add twitter widget by using Twitter.com and apply this twitter widget in blogger and wordpress. This task will simply done by add a java script which we will get from Twitter.com. Read: How to add Facebook Page Box in Blogger?


Twitter offers bloggers directly to add twitter widget for blogger and wordpress directly by users timeline. So to complete this task just follow these steps:
Just login with your account on Twitter.com and Go to Setting option which is you can find in upside right corner on your profile of twitter.

Now click on widget or you can go directly via this link Add Twitter Widget.
You have to choose Create new button.
Now you get widget page, in this page you may change height, link color and also theme of twitter widget.
After do setup to add twitter widget for blogger and wordpress just click on Create Widget button. (Same as shown in images)
Add Twitter Widget for Blogger and WordPress , Twitter Widget for WordPress
Add Twitter Widget for Blogger and WordPress
After click on Create Widget button you will get script by which you can add twitter widget. 

Copy that script.

To add twitter widget for blogger you have log-in to your blogger account. Now click on Layout and select Add a Gadget >> Add HTML/JavaScript. Now paste that script which you copied from Twitter.com. Now Save the arrangement and click to view blog. Now you have successfully add Twitter widget for Blogger. Read: Add Recent Post Widget in Blogger.
To add Twitter widget for wordpress log-in to admin area of your blog and follow this path Appearance >> Widgets. Now select here HTML/text and paste here that copied script. You have successfully added Twitter Widget for WordPress. Read: The best way to Speed Up WordPress Blog.

This script is given to you directly by Twitter.com and wordpress user can also use plugins for this widget but add official script is more better. I think this tutorial that is How to Add Twitter Widget for Blogger and WordPress is helps you to improve your sites.

How To Change Blogger Blog Template?

Hey readers, today I you will get tutorial about How to Change Blogger Template on our blog. Blogger is a blogging platform where user can share their ideas and also make money from professional blogging. On the new blog from blogger, here user will get default templates from it but that is not SEO friendly and its design is not good and eye caching. So here we provide the method to Change Blogger Template.

Here are many blogger templates are available for blogger template that are Free and premium too. But if you not know that How to Change Blogger Template then these all template are waste. By changing blogger template you will find your blog SEO friendly, good looking, Responsive, column according to your choice and many other options too. These all feature you cannot see in by default blogger template. So let start our tutorial that is as How to Change Blogger Template.


Change blogger template is such a too easy task for everyone but before I provide you method of How to Change Blogger Template you need to download a free or premium template. I suggest you to download templates from this free blogger templates site. Or you may also go for premium blogger template site according to your money policy. Even you may also search to Google or Yahoo for Blogger Templates. So after completing downloading, let start our tutorial step by step:

Go to Blogger account and select the blog after log in to your account.

After it now at the left sidebar you have to click on template option to Change Blogger Template.

On this page you can see Backup/Restore Key at Top-Right corner. Click on that Backup/Restore key.

You can download your current template by click on “Download Full Template” button as refer in image.

Select your blogger templates after clicking on “Choose File” button and upload it by clicking on upload button.

Now click on Save button to save this blogger templates.

change blogger template

You are completed !

After successfully doing this task you can enjoy the all feature of this blogger template after change blogger template.

By this approach you will get well designed and organized blog :D . Enjoy this helpful service and if you have issue with this article that is How to Change Blogger Template than you must comment on this post, Thanks for reading our article.

How to Remove Powered by Blogger Attribution?

Hey Readers, I am come this time with an awesome trick of blogger that is “How to Remove Powered by Blogger Attribution?”. Yep Today I will discuss How to Remove Blogger Attribution with the help of HTML coding. As we all know that Blogger is very popular blogging area because of its facilities like Gadgets, Powerful SEO, Free service, Full access by user, Powerful template designing, beautiful posts layouts and major one is the hosted by Google.

Google provides some facilities with blogger which makes blogger to more popular like Inside Google Adsense service. Every blogger wants to make their blogs design become easy and professional look. You must read our previous articles that can make your blogs design more professional that by adding stylish recent post widget in blogger or by add Facebook page box in Blogger. By defaults in bloggers templates here a attribution is automatically added in template which is shows as Powered by Blogger. So now I am sharing tutorial on how to remove Powered by Blogger ? So let we start this tutorial in which we will remove blogger attribution Gadget.


(*) Just go on blogger.com and log-in with your profile in which you wants to remove blogger attribution Gadget.
(*) Now just click on Template option and select the option of Edit HTML.
(*) Now just select Attribution1 option from the Jump to widget option. You can follow this image.
(*) Now you can see the HTML script of Attribution1. Now you have to search this code from Attribution1. That is <b:widget id=’Attribution1′ locked=’true’ title=” type=’Attribution’>  . You can copy this text from here and paste after pressing Ctrl+F key.
How to Remove Blogger Attribution
(*) After searching this code in Attribution1 Now you have do a small change into script that is as you have to change “true” with “false”. Okay this part of remove Powered by Blogger is done. Now we have to move on next phase.
(*) Now select Layout option and go for Edit Attribution.
(*) You can see that here three option are comes in front of you that’s are as Save, Cancel and Remove. You have to choose Remove button to Remove Powered by Blogger Attribution.

Okay you successfully Remove Powered by Blogger Attribution. 

Every new blogger should try these types of tricks and experiments to become a successful blogger and to get a professional design of the blog. By This approach you will find your template is more professional. This is not a fist and last trick on Remove Powered by Blogger Attribution, if you have more trick on it then you can suggest that in comment box.